Barnes Barber Shop is a special place

By John J. Duncan Jr. My wife has several times said in a critical way that I just don’t like change. I guess she is right, because I have been a member of Holston Hills County Club since I was nine, of Eastminster Presbyterian Church since I was 12, and I still get my hair […]

If Donald Trump had been re-elected

By John J. Duncan Jr. There are several things happening now that would not be happening if Donald Trump had been re-elected. 1.) Gas prices would not be jumping up on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, with wealthy environmentalists wanting them to go even higher so people will drive less. 2.) Illegal immigrants would not […]

Huge national debt destroys countries

  By John J. Duncan Jr. I am a big fan of the author Eric Metaxas and especially of his book “Miracles,” which I would recommend to anyone. He wrote a best-selling biography of the theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer and a highly-acclaimed biography of Martin Luther. His newest book, which I have not read but hope […]

Keeping schools closed has hurt our children

By John J. Duncan Jr. I very seldom read the New York Times, because its editors do not limit their left-wing propaganda to the opinion pages but spread it throughout the paper. So, I have to admit that I was shocked when the Times ran a column on February 24 by Nicholas Kristof about how […]

Bob Griffitts – American Hero

By John J. Duncan Jr. My long-time chief of staff, Bob Griffitts, is to me a true hero. He is such a humble man that I am sure he would be embarrassed for anyone to say that to him. During his 30 years working on my Congressional staff, he helped thousands of people in big […]

Republican comeback

By John J. Duncan Jr. As almost all Focus readers know, I grew up in a political family.  I have been involved in politics since I was a small boy. After all these years, about the only certain thing I can tell you is that the pendulum swings. Sometimes it swings for you and sometimes […]

Today’s liberals oppose free speech

By John J. Duncan Jr. Sen. Joseph McCarthy died in 1957, but the term associated with his name – McCarthyism – has lived on. Since the 1950s, this term has generally been used by those on the left to mean an untrue or greatly exaggerated charge of communism or socialism made by someone on the […]

Faulty Intelligence

By John J. Duncan Jr. The deployment of 26,000 National Guard troops to Washington for the inauguration was totally unnecessary and was a waste of many millions of taxpayer dollars that could and should have been spent for better things. It was done purely for political purposes, attempting to reinforce the very false, left-wing narrative […]

Crony Capitalism

By John J. Duncan Jr. President Biden showed his first days in office that he will be the president for wealthy liberal elitists and extremely big business rather than one who is for working men and women. He showed that the persona he claims of being for the “little guy” is nothing but false campaign […]

My love of music

By John J. Duncan Jr. As a young girl in Iowa, my mother played the cello.  In later years, her main enjoyment, after her grandchildren, was playing a very nice, small organ my father had bought her. I may have gotten my love for music from her, but for most of my life I have […]