Belle of the Ball

Belle of the Ball

By John J. Duncan Jr. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) should host a dinner in Washington in honor of Shane Hazel. The dinner would be in appreciation for Mr. Hazel giving the Democrats control of the U.S. Senate. Mr. Hazel, for the 99% plus of people who have no idea who he is, was the libertarian […]

Nixon’s connections to Knoxville

Nixon’s connections to Knoxville

  By John J. Duncan Jr. Last week’s column about Richard Nixon brought back the memory of an interesting Knoxville connection Nixon had. Erma Greenwood attended Duke University Law School with him in the late 1930s. Ms. Greenwood was for many years the only woman lawyer in Knoxville. For the last several years, women have […]

Nixon, a man who never gave up

Nixon, a man who never gave up

By John J. Duncan Jr. Richard Nixon was probably the most hated man in American politics until Donald Trump was elected president. Yet, like Trump, Nixon was also loved by millions, and the last time he ran for election, in 1972, he won Tennessee overwhelmingly, 813,000 to 357,000. And because Nixon’s life had so many […]

The Cinderella Story You Never Heard About

By John J. Duncan Jr. I have just finished reading a great book called “When Cuba Conquered Kentucky,” which the cover describes as “the triumphant basketball story of a tiny high school that achieved the American Dream.” The book was recommended and loaned to me by one of our Bean Station neighbors, Anna Sue Watson, […]

Moving All-Star Game Was a Big Mistake

By John J. Duncan Jr. One day at Litton’s Restaurant, Mike Edwards, a former UT basketball star, told me that when his grandchildren teased him about his white hair he told them it was not white, it was “Arctic Blonde.” Well, I suppose my hair is arctic blonde too. This caused Pete Rose, the famous […]

Screen addiction is a serious problem

By John J. Duncan Jr. The late Chancellor Fred McDonald told me he had lost almost 40 pounds in three months simply by stopping eating in front of the television. He said he had figured out that every time he watched television, he seemed to want popcorn, ice cream, or some type of snack. I […]

Immigration Crisis

By John J. Duncan Jr. Americans are the kindest, most generous people in the world. No other nation even comes close to the U.S. in doing things for other countries. But it is ridiculous for the federal government to spend $86.9 million to house illegal immigrants in name-brand hotels and motels. Can you imagine the […]

Barnes Barber Shop is a special place

By John J. Duncan Jr. My wife has several times said in a critical way that I just don’t like change. I guess she is right, because I have been a member of Holston Hills County Club since I was nine, of Eastminster Presbyterian Church since I was 12, and I still get my hair […]

If Donald Trump had been re-elected

By John J. Duncan Jr. There are several things happening now that would not be happening if Donald Trump had been re-elected. 1.) Gas prices would not be jumping up on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, with wealthy environmentalists wanting them to go even higher so people will drive less. 2.) Illegal immigrants would not […]