Today’s liberals oppose free speech

By John J. Duncan Jr. Sen. Joseph McCarthy died in 1957, but the term associated with his name – McCarthyism – has lived on. Since the 1950s, this term has generally been used by those on the left to mean an untrue or greatly exaggerated charge of communism or socialism made by someone on the […]

Faulty Intelligence

By John J. Duncan Jr. The deployment of 26,000 National Guard troops to Washington for the inauguration was totally unnecessary and was a waste of many millions of taxpayer dollars that could and should have been spent for better things. It was done purely for political purposes, attempting to reinforce the very false, left-wing narrative […]

Crony Capitalism

By John J. Duncan Jr. President Biden showed his first days in office that he will be the president for wealthy liberal elitists and extremely big business rather than one who is for working men and women. He showed that the persona he claims of being for the “little guy” is nothing but false campaign […]

My love of music

By John J. Duncan Jr. As a young girl in Iowa, my mother played the cello.  In later years, her main enjoyment, after her grandchildren, was playing a very nice, small organ my father had bought her. I may have gotten my love for music from her, but for most of my life I have […]

I hope Joe Biden does a good job

By John J. Duncan Jr. Joe Biden will be sworn in as president this week, and I hope for the sake of this country that he does a good job. As I said in my last column, he has been very nice to me every time I have been around him, but I really thought […]

Violence, Desecrating Capitol Not the Answer

By John J. Duncan Jr. Thanks to the kindness of the people of East Tennessee, I had the privilege of working in our Nation’s Capital for over 30 years. I have walked the halls of that Capitol building and have participated in meetings there thousands of times. So, you can probably imagine my shock at […]

Election Fraud

By John J. Duncan Jr. James V. DeLong was magna cum laude graduate of the Harvard Law School and, while now retired, had a very distinguished legal career in Washington. He wrote a recent article for the American Thinker called “The Honor of the Legal Profession.”  I wish every lawyer would read it. He wrote […]

Radical Labels

By John J. Duncan Jr. George Will, the longtime conservative columnist, once wrote the neo-conservatives were “magnificently misnamed” and were really the “most radical people in this city,” meaning Washington. The most “magnificently misnamed” people today are the so-called “progressives.” The people who now call themselves “progressives” are those who more honestly and accurately should […]

Christmas Memories

By John J. Duncan Jr. We are blessed beyond our comprehension to live in this country, and we should be especially thankful at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I read not long ago that almost half the people in this world have to get by on $4.00 or less a day and that about three-fourths have to […]

My jobs through the years

  By John J. Duncan Jr. My brother and sisters and I were very fortunate to have parents who put great pressure on us in a kind, loving, but strict, way to do well in school. Good schools are very important, but I think it is also true that most people learn just as much […]