By Dr. Jim Ferguson I always wonder where my essay of the week will come from. When I had a traditional medical practice, patients frequently prompted a storyline. I see fewer patients now and practice concierge medicine with house calls from my truck. These days my essays are often stimulated by medical journals and, unfortunately, […]

Hoping for Change

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I have to admit that I missed the Vols’ recent come from behind victory over South Carolina.  Becky and I tried to hang in, but when our guys were down fourteen points late in the fourth quarter we went to bed.  It’s not because we are fickle fans.  It’s just that […]

Gifts Differing

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Philosophically, I am a 20th century man who finds himself transported into the 21st century.  Mark Twain once wrote a book about time travel and a man who was transported backwards in time to King Arthur’s court.  That Connecticut Yankee found himself so technologically advanced within legendary 6th century England that […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Another election cycle and I ask myself will anything change?  I keep hoping that Americans will finally wake up and “get it,” but I don’t allow myself high hopes because they’ve been dashed so many times before. Because of early voting, Americans are now going to the polls long before Election […]

Rust in the pipes

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I like to be a bit unpredictable.  I want my readers to wonder what I’m going to say next.  Will he write about politics or medicine?  Will he launch into physics or discuss history?  Maybe this week will be a sermonette or a treatise on some philosophical point.  Actually, I worry […]

Blood Moons, Black Hoods

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’ve never understood some people’s excitement with Halloween.  Some see this pseudo-holiday as the beginning of the Holiday season.  I see this as a marketing ploy of stores rather than the liturgical observance of departed saints on All Hallow’s Eve.  I’ll admit that when I was a kid I loved roaming […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson “Tell them we gave our todays for their tomorrows.” You may be surprised to learn that my favorite big city is Washington D.C.  This statement usually raises some eyebrows.  None the less, our national Capital is an architecturally beautiful city, steeped in our American history.  I’ve experienced the allure of Paris, […]

Do you get it?

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’ve learned to listen to my wife.  Over the years a mutual respect of our different gifts has helped us to celebrate our thirty-ninth anniversary in September.  Becky is more practical than me, and recently observed that “Americans don’t seem to get it… maybe it’s because they already have it.”  Her […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson At first glance some of you may be puzzled by this title.  Or perhaps you thought I misspelled the phrase “kawabonga” used by Chief Thunderthud on the Howdy Doody show.  Maybe you thought I was using surfer lingo, “cowabunga,” or quoting Snoopy in the Peanuts cartoon.  Parents like me may remember […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson   I’m almost shamed to admit it, but I’ve stopped listening to Obama. As a Christian I can forgive him, but I cannot forget his repeated lies to our country. Actually, I pray for Obama, all our leaders, and even those of ISIS who are possessed by evil. I pray that […]

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