The Crats

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Even though I’m a science-based guy, I’ve come to appreciate language and words. I don’t know where this came from. My brother is also a science guy, and admits he doesn’t get good vibes from poetry or lofty prose. By contrast, I do, at least now. I believe my transformation was […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson “Ya know what makes me sick? You know what makes me so angry, ah could tease a fat man with a Twinkie?” Some of you may remember the banter of Earl Pitts, Uhmerikun, the fictional radio personality, whose outlandish  “editorials” were introduced with a bugle call of Reverie and ended with […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’m not a numerologist, but I like palindromes. I hope you didn’t miss this rare tripartite palindrome on Groundhog Day, 02/02/2020. Actually, my focus on February 2nd wasn’t on numerical arrangements, but on the Super Bowl game and whether Punxsutawney Phil would see his shadow. Fortunately, the Chiefs won in a […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson I am often astounded by what people don’t know or what they think they know. A young professional recently told me she didn’t recognize the name AOC (Alexander Ocasio Cortez), the titular leader of the Democrat party. And last week the New York Times alleged that John Bolton, in a yet […]

Blood Sport

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I don’t know about you, but I am sick of this impeachment farce. Experts say that presidential impeachment is a political process, and from what I’ve seen I agree. This explains why I am totally fed up with the politics of Washington. I see this impeachment as nothing but spectacle, like […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson What constitutes a life? Arguably, some aspects are more important than others, and lately I’ve been considering the complexity beyond just structural aspects. “We are fearfully and wonderfully made,” but so is the house finch sitting at my bird feeder. The world is filled with living organisms of wondrous diversity and […]

Get Woke

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I assure you that I’m not fishing for comments, but sometimes I wonder if my essays make any difference or are even read. Perhaps I’ve said enough; some say so. According to marketing experts at The Knoxville Focus, the newspaper has a weekly circulation of approximately 50,000, including the online footprint. […]

Happiness 2020

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I was ready for a new year. But, as I watched the descending ball in Times Square usher in baby 2020, I asked myself, will things be any different after midnight December 31 than before? My wife has a motto, “Attitude is a choice; choose a good one.” Perhaps if we […]

A Baker’s Dozen or So

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Though I am semi-retired, I’m still on-call for the Holidays, and patients do get sick on Christmas Eve. When I was in traditional medical practice my partners and I rotated holidays and night calls as well as weekend hospital rounds. Interestingly, the four-day Thanksgiving weekend was the least desired. And this […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Like a person’s life, a culture is comprised of stories. And at this time of the year virtually everyone has a Christmas story or a Holiday tradition. To a certain extent, humans are creatures of habit and comfort. We like things as we remember them and especially those that brought joy […]