Publisher’s Position: School Woes and Little Children

By Steve Hunley Having served on the Knox County Board of Education, I learned a long time ago to watch out when someone was intoning, “It’s all for the children.”  The election of Mike McMillan as Chairman of the Knox County Board of Education came as a distinct shock to many and the coalition of […]

Measuring McIntyre

By Steve Hunley I continue to be amused by the fiction being perpetrated by some folks that Jim McIntyre is one of the best superintendents in the country, much less that he wants to listen to the board of education. What is McIntyre’s real record?  Visit the Tennessee State Report Card website and you will […]

Publisher’s Position: Election for Sale?

By Steve Hunley For several years, I have pointed out the connection between the wealthy elitists and local politics.  For those who doubt it is there, all one has to do, as the old saying goes, is follow the money. The race for the Second District seat on the Knox County Board of Education will […]

Publisher’s Position: Jamie Rowe Best Choice for School Board

By Steve Hunley The upcoming election for the 2nd district board of education seat is one of the most important races on the November ballot. The outcome of that particular race will define the future direction of education in Knox County. Jamie Rowe, Tracie Sanger, and Charlotte Dorsey are competing for this office. Jamie Rowe […]

Publisher’s Position: Start Clamoring and Let Your Faith Leap

By Steve Hunley Mike McMillan, in spite of repeated attacks from the Knoxville News Sentinel, Chamber of Commerce types and the establishment, is the new Chairman of the Knox County Board of Education.  The new members of the board, John Fugate, Terry Hill, Patti Lou Bounds, and Amber Rountree, all former teachers, supported McMillan.  It […]

Publisher’s Position: Kincannon Endorses Sanger; Rowe Working Hard

By Steve Hunley Indya Kincannon resigned her seat on the Knox County Board of Education when her husband accepted a position in Slovenia.  Yet Kincannon is still trying to meddle in local  politics from half a world away.  Kincannon has sent out an email blast endorsing Tracie Sanger as her successor. Sanger is running in […]

Publisher’s Position: McMillan for Chair

By Steve Hunley Mike McMillan should be the next Chairman of the Knox County Board of Education. People want real change and the other candidate for chairman, Doug  Harris, is merely more of the same. If anyone doubts that, merely look where the establishment is on this issue.  Doubtless the Knoxville News Sentinel will fire […]

Change Is Coming

By Steve Hunley By Steve Hunley, Publisher The Knox County Board of Education, as expected, deadlocked while attempting to elect a new Chair. Incumbent Chairwoman Lynne Fugate announced she would not be a candidate for reelection as she had recently come to the conclusion she had become a divisive figure. The allies of superintendent […]

Publisher’s Position: Populists Versus Elitists

By Steve Hunley I can’t help myself, but I have been thoroughly amused by the uproar about the “side” agreement between the superintendent of schools and the Knox County Board of Education. The Focus was writing about this two and a half years ago. Mike McMillan was the only member of the Board who protested […]

I Told You So

By Steve Hunley It really isn’t graceful to say, “I told you so,” but sometimes even the best of us just can’t help ourselves. A couple of years ago, The Knoxville Focus was the ONLY media outlet in Knox County to write about the “agreement” between superintendent of schools Jim McIntyre and the Board of […]

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