The 5th Annual Gibbs Christmas Parade

By Ralphine Major It was a perfect day for a parade!  The December air was brisk, but the sun made an appearance—quite a contrast to last year’s downpour.  Watching the flurry of activity before the parade was almost as much fun as the parade itself:  children laughing and playing with their dogs in a grassy […]

‘Christmas time’s a coming’

By Ralphine Major It was the perfect start to a December day—the sighting of a baby deer in the field outside our barn.  Beauty abounds in nature this time of year, and it falls in place with the spirit of the season.  Christmas is everywhere!  You can feel it in the air.  You can […]

Honoring our veterans and giving thanks

It was a beautiful sight—the entrance lined with American flags blowing in a crisp November breeze.  We followed the flags to the event:  the University General Dentists’ (UGD) 5th Annual Veterans Pancake Breakfast on November 8, 2014.  The breakfast was as tasty as it was colorful.  Those attending received dental products as well as a […]

A Special Little Boy

By Ralphine Major “He has a contagious smile and laugh,” she said.  “He is always happy.”  Sounds like a typical three-year-old, but the life of this special needs child has been anything but typical.  His mother says that little Hyrum Howes suffers from hydrocephalus, a big word that means extra fluid on his head.  Hyrum […]

Lesa K. Smith pens ‘Love Letters to America’

By Ralphine Major “Heart to heart with God, surrounded by His capable hands, is a place of peace, rest and comfort for the weary.”  This is one of many inspirational thoughts found in Knoxville native Lesa K. Smith’s “Love Letters to America.” The book is somewhat of a road map for life, covering a wide […]


It is a very important act of honor and respect.  I have seen it shown countless times in the news.  Usually, it is the United States President placing a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  I was amazed to learn that a young man from Tennessee was chosen to participate in this special […]

Happy 90th Birthday, Maxine!

By Ralphine Major “I was a coal miner’s daughter,” she told me, “like Loretta Lynn.”  But this coal miner’s daughter is from Tennessee.  Maxine Washington celebrated her 90th birthday on Sunday, October 26, 2014, at Wallace Memorial Baptist Church where she has been a member since 1960.  She joined one year after Dr. Jim McCluskey […]

Super Subs: Steve Wilson, Part III

By Ralphine Major “He definitely left a legacy of kindness in this world,” she told me. She is Carly—the daughter of the late Steve Wilson who played for Bob Dagley’s 1964-65 Eagles. Carly was only four and one-half months old when her father passed away. “I never had the chance to know my dad,” Carly said. […]

Super Subs: Steve Wilson (Part II)

By Ralphine Major He is the only player on Bob Dagley’s 1964-65 basketball team at Gibbs I did not get to meet.  Steve Wilson’s untimely death at age 36 in 1985 left a void on the squad that once numbered eleven. Wilson worked at Coastal Supply Company and attended Fairview Baptist Church in Corryton.  Steve […]

The Fleeting Fall

By Ralphine Major She arrived a few days ago, but Mother Nature has not yet presented her in full splendor.  Just before she came, East Tennesseans celebrated the start of another school year and the Tennessee Valley Fair with cotton candy, crafts, candied apples, rides, and animals.  September also brought the harvest moon and hot […]

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