Super Subs: Lynn Miller

By Ralphine Major “We have already recognized the six seniors who started for Gibbs in 1964-65,” former Eagles Coach Bob Dagley said. “Now, I would like to tell you about five other members of that team who played a big part in the success of the team.” First was Lynn Miller, another senior. “Lynn saw […]

Lovely Lois Part III

By Ralphine Major I did not know the man who approached us outside the IGA grocery store, but my brother recognized him from their high school days.  Tim, one of four Zachary sons, told how he had come by our house to see if I would be interested in writing about his mother, Lois.  Hers […]

Lovely Lois (Part II)

By Ralphine Major It was an East Tennessee beauty whose photo was chosen as the winner. The Tennessee connection came when young Lois Wood entered a contest and won. The winner’s photo would be painted on a plane. Appropriately enough, the plane was named “Lovely Lois.” When the group of sailors notified Lois that she […]

Lovely Lois

By Ralphine Major She is a lady of many talents.  Focus readers first met her in “What’s in the Bag?” on 12-23-13.  The little blue and white teddy bear my brother gave me for Christmas in 1964 is one gift I have kept all these years.  It was only when I was writing the story […]

Celebrating 60 Years with the Wheelers

By Ralphine Major The two young people in the picture did not look familiar.  Their smiles spoke volumes, foretelling a lifetime together filled with hopes and dreams.  Sixty years later, that young couple is still smiling and celebrating all those years.  Now, I know the couple in the picture. On Sunday, June 22, 2014, Blanche […]

A Salute To Our Patriots

By Ralphine Major It is an annual tradition for the Fourth of July, and it is a much anticipated event.  The Color Guard presents the American flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.  It is a somber moment that embraces a wide range of emotions.  While it makes us proud to be an American and honor […]

Rising Above the Storm

By Ralphine Major It played out like a carefully orchestrated event with each participant making their entrance on cue. A look to the sky saw rain clouds announcing that a storm was approaching. Before long, it came. The wind and rain marched in sounding much like the ocean rushing to shore. I looked out to […]

Reflections of Summer

By Ralphine Major It is a time of hayfields and honeysuckles, birds singing, warm breezes blowing, and sunrays beaming down.  It is a time for gathering summer crops like home-grown tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, cantalopes, and watermelons.  It is a time of Vacation Bible School, summer camps, and cookouts.  After a long winter and with spring […]

Remembering our Veterans this Memorial Day

By Ralphine Major The holiday marks a time to honor those who have died serving their country.  A brief look back reminds us of veterans we have lost, though none of them died in service.  Still, we recognize their service on Memorial Day.  Unlike their fallen comrades, they came home, held jobs, and raised families. […]

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