HS Football Spring Practice Underway

By Mark Nagi There are times that the days drag, and others that they fly by. Either way, our local high school football teams can’t wait for the opening games of the 2021 season get here. The good news (or bad news for those impatient folks) is that the kickoff to the 2021 campaign is […]

John Fulkerson Returning to Tennessee

By Mark Nagi Over the past few seasons of Tennessee men’s basketball, John Fulkerson has been one of the Vols most popular and effective players. The 6’9” forward from Kingsport has averaged 6.6 points and 3.9 assists per game in his five years in the program. In 2019-2020, Fulkerson was at his best, with 13.7 […]

Josh Heupel’s Rough Start

By Mark Nagi When Josh Heupel was hired as Tennessee’s head football coach at the end of January, he went into it with his eyes wide open. Heupel knew that the situation he was inheriting was not ideal. This was a program coming off a 3-7 season that would also be operating under the cloud […]

Lack of Tennessee Football Buzz

By Mark Nagi Tennessee’s football team is a couple of weeks into spring practice. Did you know this? You probably did. Maybe you didn’t. I don’t know your level of fandom. But the odds are you aren’t transfixed on quotes from Vols assistant coaches how wide receiver Dee Beckwith has looked with the offense or […]

The Alabama Invasion

By Mark Nagi So, I was in West Town Mall with my daughters a few weeks ago and I noticed something rather disconcerting. No, it wasn’t the utter lack of respect for personal space from fellow patrons, nor the ludicrous number of kiosks selling gear that no one needs. It was the number of folks […]

NFL aspirations for former Vols

By Mark Nagi It’s no secret that Tennessee’s football program is a struggling group. From probable NCAA sanctions to coaching turnover to way too many blowout losses in 2020, the Vols are firmly in the bottom half of the SEC. That doesn’t mean that the roster was without talent. On Thursday, March 25, former Vols, […]

How Long Will Tennessee Football be Out in the Cold?

By Mark Nagi Fun fact about me. I love running on the beach. Something about hearing the waves, seeing the waves, and dodging the waves while plodding along under nine minutes per mile does something for the soul. I can’t really explain it, but it is therapeutic. I’ve felt that way ever since the first […]

Tennessee’s Defensive Coaches Take Center Stage

By Mark Nagi The Tennessee Volunteers defense took some major steps back in 2020. That, of course, is in line with the rest of the team, and really the entire program. New head coach Josh Heupel believes that he has assembled a defensive staff that will be able to correct many of the Vols recent […]

Vols offense will look much different in 2021

By Mark Nagi The Tennessee offense was tough to watch in 2020. It’s new head coach Josh Heupel’s job to fix it. It took a while, but Heupel’s offensive coaching staff is now complete. Alex Golesh is UT’s offensive coordinator and tight ends coach, Kodi Burns is coaching wide receivers, Glen Elarbee is with the […]

Tennessee football from 30,000 feet

By Mark Nagi It is just after midnight local time as I write this article from 30,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. That makes it 5 a.m. in Knoxville. I’m coming back from a vacation in Hawaii. This was my first time out there. It took me 48 years to make the journey and I […]