God have mercy on us

By Joe Rector I saw the obituary for a high school friend in the paper. It made me sad and just a bit shocked. The reminder that people my age and I are reaching the last few years of our lives also delivered a jolt. Younger folks are tired of hearing about “Baby Boomers,” and […]

Look to the Cross for peace, hope, and joy in the Lord

  By Ralphine Major This year, they have been sharing “light” in this season of despair.  Already, they have connected with women in the church and the Knoxville community with hundreds of cards, blessing bags, and phone calls.  Chelsea Murphy is the director of an encouragement ministry called Phoebe’s Closet at Wallace Memorial Baptist Church […]

Middlesboro’s strange history

By Mike Steely Anyone visiting Cumberland Gap National Park may be missing an interesting side trip to the little Kentucky town next door. Middlesboro has a long and very odd history and is well worth a visit. Just beyond the Cumberland Gap highway tunnel going north on Highway 25 W is the main entrance to […]

I’m Thankful for Sports

  By Mark Nagi There is so much doom and gloom in the world of sports right now.  And I understand those emotions.  It’s sad to think about.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t sunshine in the storm. I’m sitting in a vacation rental in Carolina Beach writing this article. My daughters and their friends […]

Odds & Ends of This & That, XIII

Odds & Ends of This & That, XIII

By Steve Hunley Déjà vu All Over Again There is a move by the Charter Review Committee to once again place a referendum on the ballot to make the law director’s office appointed, rather than elected.  That reminds me of the last attempt some ten years ago, which was overwhelmingly defeated at the polls.  If […]

President Lyndon Johnson Comes to Knoxville

President Lyndon Johnson Comes to Knoxville

The 1964 Senate Races In Tennessee  By Ray Hill Lyndon Baines Johnson was a remarkably able politician.  The intricacies of Johnson’s complicated personality have likely best been examined in Robert Caro’s splendid multi-volume biography of Johnson.  Much of Johnson’s legacy has been obscured and earned him scorn due to one part of that same legacy: […]

Our 20/20 Project

By Dr. Jim Ferguson In 312 AD the world changed, and many remain unaware. In October of that year a momentous battle occurred at the Milvian Bridge on the Tiber River in Italy. The formidable army of Roman General Maxentius was in control of the walled city of Rome. He was opposed by the smaller […]

How Do I Prove the Accident Was the Other Driver’s Fault?

By Jedidiah McKeehan When I meet with individuals who are considering hiring an attorney to represent them in regard to claims they may have for injuries related to their car wreck, I always explain to them that there are two primary components that need to be present in order to win their case: liability and […]

Showing Kindness in a COVID-19 World

By Ralphine Major The red, white, and blue seems to be more visible than ever this year!  Decorations that were put out for July’s summer holiday still hang proudly.  Perhaps, it is because many families are still observing the stay- at-home guideline.  Perhaps, it is to distract from the Coronavirus pandemic that has become such […]

Go grubby

By Joe Rector Amy bought me one of those micro-shavers that trims and shaves and cuts. It’s a neat little gadget that gives me a break from the shaving ritual that I’ve followed for decades. This new razor would be nicer if I used it to cut the scraggily parts of a beard, but my […]