The Fight To Enlarge the Rules Committee

The Fight To Enlarge the Rules Committee

  By Ray Hill Few readers likely recall how very close the 1960 presidential election between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon truly was. Kennedy won by a margin of 0.17 percent of the vote, some 112,827 votes. As Kennedy prepared to take over from President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the U. S. House of Representatives […]


People talking without speaking, People hearing without listening, People writing songs that voices never share And no one dare Disturb the sound of silence. Simon and Garfunkel By Dr. Jim Ferguson When an idea for an essay presents itself, I’ve learned to make a note because the thought may disappear, and every week a column […]

Storybook Trails in state parks worth a trip

By Mike Steely My wife and I were pleasantly surprised to find a “Storybook Trail” at the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park recently and last week we drove to Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg and discovered another one in that park. There are now 17 Tennessee State Parks with Storybook Trails sponsored by the […]

Old movies foretell the future

By Joe Rector I am a movie fan. If I could, I’d go every week to see a new one. A “film,” as it’s called in the production world, is one of the few things that can keep me in my seat for longer than half an hour. What I like even better are old […]

Boots, Baton, and The Pageant!

(Part 9 in Dwight Kessel series) By Ralphine Major “Why did you twirl fire?” my mother asked looking at the picture. “My teacher’s idea,” I replied. My unlikely bond with the baton had started nearly a year earlier when my brother decided the trumpet was not a good fit for him; he claimed my […]

Screen addiction is a serious problem

By John J. Duncan Jr. The late Chancellor Fred McDonald told me he had lost almost 40 pounds in three months simply by stopping eating in front of the television. He said he had figured out that every time he watched television, he seemed to want popcorn, ice cream, or some type of snack. I […]

Lack of Tennessee Football Buzz

By Mark Nagi Tennessee’s football team is a couple of weeks into spring practice. Did you know this? You probably did. Maybe you didn’t. I don’t know your level of fandom. But the odds are you aren’t transfixed on quotes from Vols assistant coaches how wide receiver Dee Beckwith has looked with the offense or […]

Publisher’s Positions

Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley Some Time Republican Former Knoxville mayor Victor Ashe has openly called for a primary challenger to oppose County Commissioner Kyle Ward. As I recall, Ward defeated a well-heeled primary challenger in Scott Broyles. In fact, Broyles was the choice of the establishment Republicans inside the Fourth District. I’d be willing to bet […]

The Death of Estes Kefauver

The Death of Estes Kefauver

  By Ray Hill Lyndon Johnson once called Estes Kefauver, “The greatest campaigner of them all.” Kefauver was no silver-tongued orator; in fact, he was oftentimes tongue-tied and frequently mangled names and phrases. Yet Estes Kefauver likely had no peer as a retail politician in meeting folks one-on-one. Estes Kefauver also generated strong feelings in […]