I am guilty

By Joe Rector I’m guilty. I plead that to many things in my life. Some aren’t especially attractive, while others are just a bit goofy. Still, all of this time spent avoiding most people and places in order to stay healthy has found me looking a bit deeper at who I am. If confession is […]

The Magnificent Tennessee Theater

By Ralphine Major ralphine3@yahoo.com It is one of Knoxville’s gems.  Located on South Gay Street, the Tennessee Theater has become one of the city’s most recognized landmarks.  Walking through the doors into the lobby transports visitors to a grand, majestic place.  How fortunate we are to have in our midst such an awesome venue for […]

What is perjury?

By Jedidiah Mckeehan Tennessee Code Annotated section 39-16-792 defines perjury as occurring when, (a)  A person commits an offense who, with intent to deceive: (1)  Makes a false statement, under oath; (2)  Makes a statement, under oath, that confirms the truth of a false statement previously made and the statement is required or authorized by […]

Publisher’s Positions

Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley First District Congressman Tennessee voters will likely be electing a new congressman from Tennessee’s First Congressional District in a matter of days.  The First District is upper East Tennessee, running basically from Sevier County all the way to Mountain City.  To be sure I had everything straight in my head, I checked […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson There are many casualties of the Wuhan flu, “modern” liberalism and leftist philosophy. No, in this war in which we find ourselves, I cannot be reserved and politically correct. Going along to get along with the cancel culture crowd only emboldens the mob and tyranny. Daily I pray for strength and […]

Thinking nice thoughts

By Rosie Moore It is hard during these chaotic times to think nice thoughts. One has to wonder when will this virus end; when will businesses reopen or close; when will our children go back to school, or will they go back? When can we hug our friends or loved ones with ease? Well, now, […]

God have mercy on us

By Joe Rector I saw the obituary for a high school friend in the paper. It made me sad and just a bit shocked. The reminder that people my age and I are reaching the last few years of our lives also delivered a jolt. Younger folks are tired of hearing about “Baby Boomers,” and […]

Look to the Cross for peace, hope, and joy in the Lord

  By Ralphine Major This year, they have been sharing “light” in this season of despair.  Already, they have connected with women in the church and the Knoxville community with hundreds of cards, blessing bags, and phone calls.  Chelsea Murphy is the director of an encouragement ministry called Phoebe’s Closet at Wallace Memorial Baptist Church […]