Chicken City: More than ‘Hillbilly Pride’

By Mike Steely “We cut fresh meat daily,” said John Maxwell, General Manager of Chicken City on North Central in Knoxville. You’ve seen Chicken City, located at 2518 North Central, but if you haven’t been inside you’re missing something special. While the neighborhood grocery store is known for its fresh, not frozen, chicken, the […]

Governor Thomas C. Rye

By Ray Hill   Just after the turn of the century, Tennessee’s Democratic Party became almost hopelessly fractured.  The candidacies of two men helped to heal the deep divisions inside the Democratic Party in Tennessee: that of Kenneth D. McKellar for the United States Senate in 1916 and Tom C. Rye for governor in 1914. […]

Publisher’s Position: No Surprise About ‘Insure Tennessee’

By Steve Hunley Governor Bill Haslam is surprised over the defeat of his “Insure Tennessee” program inside a committee in the State Senate.  I’m not the least bit surprised. Evidently the governor doesn’t talk to many people outside his own circle. The legislature is overwhelmingly Republican these days and the cries of horror by much […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

By Rosie Moore Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, when lovers show their love in various ways. Here are some quotes from people about that day. “Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.” Author unknown […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson It’s difficult not to be discouraged these days.  I sometimes wonder if the uninformed are happier.  However, how can anyone not be aware of the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) savages or call them anything else?  After all, they murder and rape children, torture and crucify their prisoners, behead […]

Reason to Celebrate: Vols Welcome Class of 2015

By Alex Norman It might seem presumptuous, considering that most of these kids have never played a down of college football at any level.  But the potential that Tennessee’s recruiting class, a consensus top 5 group nationally, brings to Knoxville is off the charts. “Today is really a combination of one to two years of […]

Good ending: Wofford is a ‘perfect fit’ for Seth Marshall

By Steve Williams All’s well that ends well. That, it seems, was the case in the recruitment of Seth Marshall. The West High quarterback, who guided the Rebels to the Class 5A state championship in December, was one of the most productive football players in the state during the 2014 season, but recruiters weren’t knocking […]

Farewell, my good friend

By Joe Rector I am beyond hurt; perhaps the shock of the matter hasn’t yet ended. All I know is that my heart is broken and I can do nothing right now to help it heal. Many who read this will scoff at my predicament and say it is “much ado about nothing.” Others will […]

Dr. McIntyre Goes to Washington

By Sally Absher Last Monday during the BOE work session, Dr. McIntyre asked to defer his superintendents’ report to Wednesday’s meeting, saying “I have a flight to catch to Washington.” Dr. McIntyre was referring to his scheduled meeting the next day to speak before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. The […]

Publisher’s Position: Why McIntyre?

Publisher’s Position: Why McIntyre?

By Steve Hunley Senator Lamar Alexander has held just about every place of distinction a person could be honored with in a lifetime; at one time or another he has been governor of Tennessee; Secretary of Education during the administration of President Ronald Reagan, as well as President of the University of Tennessee.  Alexander has […]