Wishful thinking: To see Vols beat Bama like Auburn did

By Steve Williams I’m not going to make any predictions on the University of Tennessee’s upcoming football season. But I happened to come across a homemade UT Wishing Well a few weeks ago, which has put me in the mood to make some wishes. First of all, I wish Tennessee had never dumped Phillip Fulmer, […]

The Tennessee Nightingale: Grace Moore

By Ray Hill The story of Grace Moore is not at all political in nature and hopefully readers of this column will not be sorely disappointed.  Miss Moore’s story is, however uniquely and quintessentially American.  It is both an interesting story and certainly part of Tennessee’s history.  Grace Moore rose from truly humble beginnings and […]

Do bad things really happen in threes?

By Rosie Moore Where did this belief come from anyway? Some claim that this notion has no scientific basis, especially pertaining to deaths. The tendency to hold on to the three connection is strong in many areas of life. Why? People naturally seek patterns. One example out of many is the deaths of James Garner, […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Most of the time I write because it gives me joy. I do have other hobbies, but writing helps me clarify my thoughts and feelings. I’ve often encouraged patients to organize their feelings and scattered thoughts by writing them down. Some people have the gift of what politicians refer to as […]

A Special Moment in Time

By Ralphine Major ralphine3@yahoo.com The image warms my heart—a toddler interacting with a 96-year-old man.  The WWII veteran’s face almost becomes a silhouette as his hat shields him from the summer sun.  He is showing the little boy how to use the bubble gun machine.  It is a single picture in the life of a […]

Test Driving My Nerves

By Joe Rector Sometimes in life, the things a person likes the least pop up. It’s then that they have to try to handle the situation as well as possible. The other day I had the opportunity (?) to drive to Atlanta. I was participating in an event sponsored by the company with whom I […]

Focus on the Law: Problems with Drones

PART 1: SAFETY By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law Under the old common law (made by court decisions rather than by statutes) doctrine brought to America from England, property law provided that landowners owned the air that rose above the earthly metes and bounds of their parcel.  The Latin phrase describing this is “cujus est […]

Is Your School System Infected by the Broad Academy Virus?

By Sally Absher If you’ve been following the recent antics of the Knox County School administration and Board of Education, you may have heard the term “Broad Academy.” That’s Broad, as in “road” with a “B” in front of it, NOT broad as in the broad side of a barn. What, exactly, is the Broad […]

And Then There Were… Six?

By Sally Absher The League of Women Voters (LWV) and Knox County Education Association hosted a candidate forum Thursday August 14 for applicants to the 2nd District Board of Education seat. This is an interim position until second district voters elect a board member in a special election in November. Current 2nd District BOE member […]