Gatlinburg ~ off the main road

By Mike Steely Just above the busy streets of Gatlinburg is a peaceful and memorable drive that takes you back in time and away from the tourist shops and crowds. If you go to Traffic Light #8 and follow the Historic Nature Trail Road to the Cherokee Orchard entrance, you’ll find the Roaring Fork Motor […]

This is a puzzling world

By Rosie Moore I love doing crossword puzzles. The  New York Times puzzle in News Sentinel’s Sunday paper is too hard and the other one below it, called the United Features Puzzle, is too easy. The one in the daily newspaper is very easy and always includes the same clues, but I still do it. […]

Machine Dependence

By Joe Rector On MSNBC the other morning, Melissa Lee reported on the impact of machines and technology on our lives both now and in the future. In fact, CSNBC dedicated an entire hour on the subject. I know I’ll sound like an oldster who’s griping about the changes in the world and how this […]

Super Subs: Charlie Ballard

By Ralphine Major Several of the players who helped Bob Dagley’s Gibbs Eagles achieve a 31-2 record in 1964-65 played a major role in several games when called upon, though their time to excel actually came the following year.  One of those players is Charlie Ballard. Charlie was one of the juniors on the team.  […]

The NFL’s Darkest Hour

By Alex Norman Domestic violence is a serious problem in this country. According to, one in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime. This is something we should all care about. The National Football League? Not so much. The Baltimore Ravens organization and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell knew for months that Ravens […]

The Triumph and Tragedy of Woodrow Wilson II

By Ray Hill Woodrow Wilson returned to America to face a hostile Republican Congress and a people tired of the war. Wilson believed if he could reach the American people, he could convince them the United States’ participation in the League of Nations was essential. Wilson embarked on a tour of the country by train, […]

The Search

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I am not musically gifted, though I fancy that I sing “well” in the shower.  I hum along or sing by ear, not by training.  It’s fortunate that I sit next to my wife in church because she reads music and this allows me to follow her lead.  I know I […]

Leaves of Grass

By Rosie Moore I hear the men outside mowing my lawn. They come here three times a month, one with the mower, and one with a weed-whacker. As I watched the blades of grass tumble to the ground as on a swift journey, I recalled a book I have called, “Selections from Leaves of Grass” […]

Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Bristol Home

By Mike Steely Aside from Dolly Parton, there may be no better known Tennessean than a Bristol native. Even people who are not country music fans know of “Tennessee Ernie Ford.” If you’re up that way you should take a side trip into Bristol and visit one of our unique two-state cities. Both Virginia and […]