April Rain

By Rosie Moore The wild sweet rain of April spills On golden-throated daffodils On garden walls and new green bough On earth fresh-turned before the plough. It scrubs the pansy’s small shy face And shines each blade of grass in place to leave the springtime world aglow, And lift my heart to walk tiptoe For […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Do you remember the days of HMOs?  Back in the 1990s health maintenance organizations were ballyhooed as the way to reduce medical costs.  Basically, this was accomplished by limiting medical services.  The justification for restricting care was to limit waste and unnecessary testing, procedures, etc.  It didn’t work, and HMOs are […]

That’s A Riot!

By Alex Norman It’s one of those old sports adages… “Act like you’ve been there before.” It’s what we’d like football players to do after scoring a touchdown.  Instead of putting on a show, hand the football to the official and celebrate with the teammates that helped you get into the end zone. It’s what […]

All joking aside, Denton, Voice of Neyland Stadium, will be missed

By Steve Williams There seemed to be more laughter than sadness when family, friends and fans of Bobby Denton reacted to the passing of the popular and longtime University of Tennessee football public address announcer last week. From the many stories I’ve read and heard, Denton, the Voice of Neyland Stadium, obviously lived a fun-filled […]

Publisher’s Position: Superintendent Angling For Defacto Tax Hike

By Steve Hunley All of a sudden, School Superintendent Jim McIntyre is interested in giving the teachers a pay raise.  During his almost six years as superintendent, McIntyre hasn’t shown much concern or interest in educators, but recently he’s come under fire from unhappy teachers and the proposed pay raise is supposed to show teachers […]

The Greatest Campaigner of Them All: Senator Estes Kefauver, Part Fourteen

The Greatest Campaigner of Them All: Senator Estes Kefauver, Part Fourteen

By Ray Hill Senator Estes Kefauver won a resounding reelection victory in 1960 after facing a bitter primary contest with Judge Andrew “Tip” Taylor.  It was to be his last campaign. Kefauver never relied on the usual gift of the Southern politician, oratory.  A terrible public speaker, Kefauver was one of those rare politicians who […]

The Theodicy Question

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I plan to see the movie Noah despite the warnings of some fundamentalists.  I believe my faith can handle a story not told by the King James Bible.  I mean no disrespect to the fundamentalist perspective, which originated in the late 19th century, and holds that every word in the Bible […]

A Day Away: Those Drive-In Theaters

By Mike Steely I don’t know about you, but when I was a teen and had the use of the family car I often went to a drive-in theater, either with a bunch of other teens or with a date. Taking a date was my preference but it was seldom that a date would opt […]

Focus on the Law: Injunctions

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law Injunctions are orders made by a court to protect individuals from specific harm.  Under   Tennessee law, the Chancery Court has historically been the court of equity, undertaking to prevent harm rather than punish the wrongdoer.    The statutes enacted by the state legislature and the interpretation of those statutes by […]