Focus on the Law: Human Sex Trafficking Part 2

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law “As of November 2013, Tennessee was ranked as the toughest state in the nation regarding state statutes that protect children from commercial sex exploitation crimes,” reports Mark Gwyn, Director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Director Gwyn blames domestic issues, the drug trade, poverty and other socio-economic factors as […]

Publisher’s Position: Appointed Superintendent Playing Politics

Publisher’s Position: Appointed Superintendent Playing Politics

By Steve Hunley An appointed School Superintendent has a constituency of exactly five, a majority of the nine member Board of Education.  So long as the superintendent can keep five members of the Board happy, he can hang on to the best paying job in local government. In fact, McIntyre makes more than the vice-president […]

Governor Albert H. Roberts

Governor Albert H. Roberts

By Ray Hill There is likely no more fickle mistress than that of politics.  Political success for any person is always a combination of many things, not the least of which are timing and good fortune.  Momentary popularity can be washed away in a tide of ill fortune, bad timing, misreading the public mood or […]

Facts and Fancy

By Dr. Jim Ferguson It’s hard to be objective about yourself.  This is why doctors and patients are advised to seek medical help rather than treat themselves.  However, let’s be honest: we all prescribe for ourselves for minor issues. If my memory serves me correctly, I once wrote a story about the scientific method and […]

‘A God-called leader must learn before he can lead’

By Ralphine Major “Take time to pray; study and meditate; crave the things of God.” This is one of the key concepts in Dr. Mike Boyd’s book, “Principles of Preaching, A Guidebook on Biblical Communication.” While intended to “assist teachers and preachers in understanding and confirming God’s calls on their lives,” it is easy for […]

Moving Day

By Rosie Moore Moving is no fun! What a chore! I cannot enumerate how many times I have moved in my life and I get a jealous feeling when people say, “I have lived in this house all my life”–or thirty, forty, or fifty years. I never could afford to have someone come and pack […]

Classy Cuonzo finds ‘peace of mind’ in California

By Steve Williams My first thought when I heard the breaking news: Is this a belated April Fool’s joke? I wish it had been, but this was real. Cuonzo Martin had left the University of Tennessee men’s basketball program to become head coach at California. A little later, as I listened to the news and […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do… Maybe… Cuonzo Martin Leaves Tennessee

By Alex Norman The marriages that stay together for the good of the children are rarely actually good for the children.   The husband and wife end up blaming the kids for their unhappiness and the children don’t grow up in a stable environment. The marriage of Cuonzo Martin and Tennessee was not a good one.  […]

Easter is still special

By Joe Rector Well, here it is, the biggest week in the Christian year. I know most folks think that Christmas is more popular, but when the beliefs that we claim to hold are considered, Easter wins hands down. I’ve always liked the day, even the strange things. As a kid, I liked going to […]

Publisher’s Position: McIntyre’s Minions

By Steve Hunley Minion: someone obeys the orders of a powerful leader or boss   Superintendent James McIntyre is appointed by the Knox County Board of Education.  While the superintendent is tasked with making the daily decisions of running the school system, the Board has the responsibility for managing the superintendent.  Under the reign of […]