Publisher’s Position: School Board Needs Change

Publisher’s Position: School Board Needs Change

By Steve Hunley Tomorrow the people of Knox County will cast their ballots for virtually every office in local government. The decisions made by the voters will affect us for years to come; judges and the attorney general have eight-year terms. Yet perhaps the most important races are those for the Knox County Board of […]

Vols Hire Donnie Tyndall as New Men’s Basketball Coach

By Alex Norman A week after Cuonzo Martin resigned, Tennessee hired Donnie Tyndall as the 19th men’s basketball coach in program history. “I’m humbled to be your coach,” said Tyndall in his introductory press conference on Tuesday, April 22nd in front of media, boosters, and players at Pratt Pavilion. “I think Tennessee is a special […]

And now, it’s basketball time in Tyndallsee

By Steve Williams It’s so interesting how fast the dominoes can fall. Auburn snatched up Bruce Pearl before Tennessee could have if it wanted. Cuonzo Martin left for the calmer pastures of California. Eleven-year-old Grace Tyndall sent her dad a text message: THE TENNESSEE JOB IS OPEN: HINT! HINT! Donnie Tyndell said, “When do I […]

The Watchman

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Some days it’s easier to write than others. Today it’s tough because I have lots of things to do on this gorgeous spring afternoon. Murphey’s Law states that the job at hand expands to fill the time allotted. My corollary to this law is that a job not only fills, but […]

Odds and Ends

By Rosie Moore I can tell I’m really “getting up there” when I can’t remember my great-grandchildren’s ages. In a column a few weeks ago, I said one of them became five. I was wrong–he was four. Then I got to thinking where does the phrase “great” before any relative come from? I looked it […]

‘A God-called leader must learn before he can lead’ (Part 3)

By Ralphine Major The Memphis native who is an avid Elvis fan, once wore long hair, and still plays the guitar does not seem like a description of someone who has authored a Bible-based book. But, he has—though the long hair is gone. Mike Boyd, once a rising, young businessman never set out to become […]

Senior Pranks

By Joe Rector In the next couple of weeks, high school seniors will graduate and turn their sights on future pursuits. However, before they leave their schools, many will attempt to make a mark by pulling stunts that they think are funny. A few years ago, dress codes weren’t nearly so lenient. School administrators demanded […]

Focus on the Law: Human Sex Trafficking Part 2

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law “As of November 2013, Tennessee was ranked as the toughest state in the nation regarding state statutes that protect children from commercial sex exploitation crimes,” reports Mark Gwyn, Director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Director Gwyn blames domestic issues, the drug trade, poverty and other socio-economic factors as […]

Publisher’s Position: Appointed Superintendent Playing Politics

Publisher’s Position: Appointed Superintendent Playing Politics

By Steve Hunley An appointed School Superintendent has a constituency of exactly five, a majority of the nine member Board of Education.  So long as the superintendent can keep five members of the Board happy, he can hang on to the best paying job in local government. In fact, McIntyre makes more than the vice-president […]

Governor Albert H. Roberts

Governor Albert H. Roberts

By Ray Hill There is likely no more fickle mistress than that of politics.  Political success for any person is always a combination of many things, not the least of which are timing and good fortune.  Momentary popularity can be washed away in a tide of ill fortune, bad timing, misreading the public mood or […]