It’s Time For Fans To Stop Being Creepy

By Alex Norman If you are a Tennessee football fan that pays attention to recruiting, the odds are you know about Torrance Gibson. According to 247 Sports, Gibson is a “dual–threat quarterback” that is considered to be the 14th best recruit in the nation, and the number one “athlete” in the Class of 2015. He […]

School Board Passes Budget

By Sally Absher   By Sally Absher The School Board met for their June Work Session and Regular Session meetings last week. It’s too bad that Knox County Schools didn’t get $10 for every time Dr. McIntyre of one of his board members took a jab at County Commission or the Mayor for […]

Karen Carson to Invoke Board Policy BCBI to Censor Teachers?

By Sally Absher Board of Education members and the public in attendance at last Monday’s Work Session meeting expected to breeze through the first eight items of the Board Agenda, with the majority of the meeting devoted to the Emerald Charter School application and the Revised FY 2015 Budget. They were quickly derailed by […]

Focus on the Law: Tennessee’s Jock Tax

By Sharon Frankenberg, Attorney at Law I thought I was pretty familiar with Tennessee’s Professional Privilege Tax, having paid it every year since its inception in 1992.  When first enacted, it included a laundry list of occupations and professions whose practitioners were obligated to file a return and pay the required flat tax to the […]

Publisher’s Position: Board Trying to Stifle Free Speech

Publisher’s Position: Board Trying to Stifle Free Speech

By Steve Hunley For any person who values free speech, recent actions by the Knox County Board of Education are cause for deep concern. Superintendent Jim McIntyre is always braying about “great conversations” and “wonderful dialogues,” but that is for public consumption; the reality is quite different. Board member Karen Carson apparently had an epiphany […]

Edward Hull Crump: The Boss, Part I

Edward Hull Crump: The Boss, Part I

Published March 26, 2012 By Ray Hill The modern history of Memphis is inextricably tied to that of Edward Hull Crump. “Mister” Crump was indisputably a political boss in a region of the country where political bosses did not normally flourish. Political bosses were hardly uncommon in the United States during the heyday of E. […]

Draft 2020 Strategic Plan Presented at BOE Working Session

By Sally Absher The Knox County School Board met for a Work Session on May 27 to discuss the Draft Strategic Plan. Board members Gloria Deathridge, Tom Deakins, Kim Severance, and Mike McMillan were absent. In his Superintendent’s Report, Dr. McIntyre congratulated student representative Lucy Greer (West High) on her recent graduation. He reported […]

Teacher’s Resignation Letter Touches Many

By Sally Absher Social Media blew up a little last month when a 20 year veteran Knox County teacher and former Teacher of the Year posted her resignation letter on her Facebook page. I contacted the author of the letter to ask if I could print the letter as part of this article. She […]

Veteran’s Ventilation

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I’m getting tired of writing, “Here we go again.” However, another scandal has surfaced in the Obama Administration, this time in the Veterans Administration (VA). I know something about medical care in the VA system, because I once worked as a doctor in a VA hospital. It was my observation that […]