The Sixth Starter

By Ralphine Major “Before someone says, ‘you can’t have six starters in basketball,’ I want to emphasize that you can have as many starters as you want to,” Bob Dagley said. “But, only five can play at the same time.” Dagley is the former coach of the Gibbs Eagles. The player he is referring to […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson The notion of choice is a fundamental principle with me.  It stems from the doctrine of “free will.”  Ancient philosophers stated that freedom of conscience is really the only thing that cannot be controlled or taken from someone.  The central lesson in the Greek tragedy “Antigone” by Sophocles is affirmed by […]

A Day Away: Warm Springs, Georgia

By Mike Steely It’s not what you would expect. The complex is large, the museum extensive, and the grounds well kept, but the house is much smaller than even I imagined it would be. I’m talking about the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia, the retreat of our longest serving president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. […]

I hate DST!

By Rosie Moore No- not DDT, the bug killer, but DST, the time killer. Why do the “powers that be” have to mess with our time? Now I’ve read that they want to instigate DST all year. Oh, no! Way back in 1895 Mr. George Vernon Hudson, lay in his bed one night and devised a […]

A simpler landscaping way

By Joe Rector I don’t want to jinx anything, but it does looks as if spring might make an appearance on time. Most of us are weary from all the snow and frigid temperatures that have assaulted us this winter. So, with a few days of warm weather, we’re ready to arise from our hibernation […]

The Greatest Campaigner of Them All: Senator Estes Kefauver, Part Eleven

The Greatest Campaigner of Them All: Senator Estes Kefauver, Part Eleven

By Ray Hill Senator Estes Kefauver had demolished his opposition inside the 1954 Democratic primary and he had been reelected to a second term that fall easily. Almost immediately following his reelection, Senator Kefauver began considering another run for the presidential nomination of his party in 1956. Dwight D. Eisenhower was quite likely the single […]

The Window on Disease

By Dr. Jim Ferguson The chief professor of medicine during my internal medicine residency held that all disease was the result of some infectious process.  Jesus used hyperbole (exaggerated speech) to get people’s attention, and I suspect my professor was doing the same.  Because Dr. Stollerman was an expert in infectious diseases and did the […]

Back Rubs

By Joe Rector Feeling low? Feeling lost? Feeling left out? All of us hit bottom several times in our lives. It’s during those blue periods that we most crave something to soothe the soul, to find a healing balm for the pain. I’m pretty sure that’s just what a back rub is. No, I’m not […]

Vols beat South Carolina 59-44 in SEC Tournament Quarterfinals

By Alex Norman It wasn’t a thing of beauty by any means, but it was a win… and in the SEC tournament, wins are not always easy to come by for the Tennessee Volunteers. The Vols knocked off South Carolina 59-44 in the SEC quarterfinals in Atlanta on Friday, March 14th.  It was their fifth […]

Slowly but surely, I’ve become a fan of Speedy

By Steve Williams It took me over three years to become a fan of Meighan Simmons. The Tennesee Lady Vol who Pat Summitt nicknamed “Speedy” was a turnover machine as a freshman in 2010-11. I used to think there’s no way the UT women can win big on the national scene with Simmons on the […]