By Rosie Moore Max Jukes lived in the state of New York. He was not a Christian and did not believe in any sort of Christian training. His was the life of a reprobate. The girl he married was of the same opinion and had the same sort of questionable character. These were not nice […]

The Senator’s Secretary: D. W. McKellar

The Senator’s Secretary:  D. W. McKellar

  By Ray Hill Tennessee’s longest serving United States Senator, Kenneth D. McKellar, employed several secretaries during his thirty-six years as a member of the nation’s upper chamber. For sixteen years, Senator McKellar’s secretary was his youngest brother, Donald White McKellar. A “secretary” to a member of the Senate at that time would be the […]

Edward Hull Crump: The Boss, Part VII

Edward Hull Crump: The Boss, Part VII

  By Ray Hill Despite encountering stiff opposition to the candidates supported by Shelby County Boss E. H. Crump and Tennessee’s senior United States Senator Kenneth D. McKellar, the two men were supporting Jim Nance McCord for governor in 1944. McCord had been elected to a single term in Congress, but had held one elective […]

Remembering Mom’s Clothesline

Here’s a memory for any of you old enough to remember: We had rooster in the chicken yard where the clothesline was. Mom would carry a stick with her because he would try to peck or spur her when she went out for the laundry. He made a delicious Sunday dinner. How many of you […]


By Rosie Moore I don’t care what Phil Punxatawny says. Warm weather is not that far away, so let’s get geared up and try out some recipes.     GRILLED PEARS Fun factoid: in the 1800’s, one pear could cost you the modern-day equivalent of $20   Ingredients: 4 pears. 1/4 c. light brown sugar […]

That Scrabble Game

By Rosie Moore When I was a young girl we played board games such as Candyland, Monopoly and Chinese checkers. Then I got married and didn’t have much time for games until the children were old enough to play. After they got married a good friend of mine and I used to play scrabble on […]

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