Ignore the scare tactics and vote

By Joe Rector Turn on the news and listen to all the upheaval about the November 3rd election. Neither party seems comfortable with the possible outcomes of the presidential or senate races. Who’d have ever thought that a presidential election could scare a nation so much? A two-party system has long been the backbone of […]

On the Road

By Joe Rector This past Wednesday was my wife’s birthday. She enjoyed the presents, but most of all, Amy wanted to take a trip some place. She calls it a chance to let her eyes see something new. The treks we begin don’t have to be long ones; she’s happy just driving someplace in the […]

Reigniting old friendships

By Joe Rector It’s been 50 years since my class graduated from high school. Just like students in the 2020 class with their proms and graduations, we’ve fretted over having to cancel the celebration of such an important event. Things look up just a bit right now, however, in that the class will meet in […]

Workmen’s Compensation

By Joe Rector I’d just finished mowing the tee box and replacing the markers on Hole 7. My foot slipped off the step that raised me back to the seat, and my weight pitched me forward. Not being as young and agile as I used to be, I struggle to twist and turn to keep […]

Getting ready for winter

By Joe Rector My son Dallas has a lot of his grandmother’s DNA flowing through his veins. For the second year, he’s put out pepper plants in five-gallon buckets (he doesn’t have much yard at his condo). He’s babied those plants, and they’ve yielded hundreds of banana and jalapeno peppers. Dallas has concocted his own […]

A depressing situation can improve with help

By Joe Rector The image stunned me: a mile and a half line of traffic in the Dallas area. The vehicles were lined up down the road from a large parking lot. There, boxes of food were being distributed to people who were in need. All races, all ages, and all social classes were represented. […]

Develop until no one can move

By Joe Rector If you are one of the many folks who travel Karns Valley Road and Emory Road, get ready for more headaches. Your drive time will grow; your frustration level will increase; and your chances of being involved in an accident will multiply. A tract of land located at the intersection of Henderson […]

I am guilty

By Joe Rector I’m guilty. I plead that to many things in my life. Some aren’t especially attractive, while others are just a bit goofy. Still, all of this time spent avoiding most people and places in order to stay healthy has found me looking a bit deeper at who I am. If confession is […]

God have mercy on us

By Joe Rector I saw the obituary for a high school friend in the paper. It made me sad and just a bit shocked. The reminder that people my age and I are reaching the last few years of our lives also delivered a jolt. Younger folks are tired of hearing about “Baby Boomers,” and […]

Go grubby

By Joe Rector Amy bought me one of those micro-shavers that trims and shaves and cuts. It’s a neat little gadget that gives me a break from the shaving ritual that I’ve followed for decades. This new razor would be nicer if I used it to cut the scraggily parts of a beard, but my […]

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