Only truth will save us

By Joe Rector When I was a small boy, my parents called me into the kitchen one night. They held up a pair of my pajamas; small holes were cut in both the shirt and pants. They asked me what happened to cause those cuts, and I told them that I didn’t know. I was […]

Bad times and a bit of good

By Joe Rector Good-bye 2020! I’m glad you’re gone. The past year has been one of the worst that I have spent in my life. Others with whom I’ve talked feel the same way, and too many experienced the loss of loved ones to this pandemic during the year. That makes my squawking about being […]

Faith and Hope in a New Year

By Joe Rector In a short time, two of the biggest days of the year are arriving. Christmas and New Years are times for many of us to realize again just how lucky we are to have a base of faith on which we can depend during the tough times. For the year 2020, our […]

Pandemic Property Improvements

By Joe Rector Covid-19 swooped across the world and halted most activities. Americans grumbled because many lost their yearly trips to beaches, theme parks, and state parks. July 4th celebrations were canceled, as were most Labor Day activities. Thanksgiving get togethers didn’t occur, and Christmas Day might also come with folks staying at home to […]

Our Time to Defend America Is Now

By Joe Rector I’ve always been amazed at this country we call home. Over the years, this land and its people have bowed their backs in the face of adversity and prevailed. It found roots in a revolution to separate from a monarchy that treated people as second-class citizens. Men and women gave their lives […]

Another 2020 surprise

By Joe Rector The year 2020 just keeps getting better. We’ve struggled through a presidential election where the incumbent still hasn’t conceded but claims that illegal voting has stolen the race from him. On top of that, the entire world faces a pandemic that in America alone has infected nearly 13 million folks and killed […]

Change of holiday plans

  By Joe Rector Thanksgiving will be different from any we’ve experienced. That happens in life, especially one that has been lived for nearly 70 years. Still, it’s strange the way events cause us to adapt to new ways. When we were children, our family didn’t make such a big deal of Thanksgiving. Daddy worked […]

Being part of virtual classroom is virtually impossible

By Joe Rector Virtual learning is in full use now. From elementary school to college, students are adapting to this new style of education. Some students and parents like the system while others declare it’s the worst possible solution for educating the young while Covid-19 rages. Schools and systems counter that each student has a […]

What Now?

By Joe Rector It’s been more than a week since the presidential election occurred, but we’re still waiting for one candidate to concede and another to begin the transition process. Some Americans are angry and deny the outcome of the election. They declare that President Trump lost because of voter fraud, even though Republican officials […]

The Falling Leaves

By Joe Rector Last fall, the leaves cooperated by falling from the trees early. A dry, hot summer and strong winds combined to wither leaves and disperse them into other yards and the field behind my house. I know that folks didn’t appreciate that, but my work was cut in half. This year’s outlook is […]

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