Baseball at its best

By Joe Rector   Tuesday brought me great joy. The Atlanta Braves won the World Series after a 26-year hiatus. The team missed the opportunity to put the Astros away on Sunday, but a surprising number of Atlanta fans were at Tuesday’s game to celebrate along with the Braves. They sang and swung their arms […]

The woods

By Joe Rector Amy and I took the long way around on the way to Gallatin this last week. Included in our trek was a visit to Cumberland Mountain State Park and then to Fall Creek Falls State Park. I love the Smoky Mountains for sure (what East Tennessee native doesn’t?), but the Cumberland Mountains […]

Shame on us

By Joe Rector Cooler temperatures rolled in on game day, but they in no way dulled the enthusiasm of Volunteer fans. The University of Mississippi arrived in Knoxville to do battle with UT. Saturday’s opponent was led by Lane Kiffin. Most of us remember good ol’ Lane. He accepted the head coaching job at UT […]

Fall Funk

By Joe Rector Right now, Mother Nature is on display without any make-up. Her flowers hold only a couple of blooms, and most of them are withered and ready to be cut back. Once green grass now is tinged with shades of brown. Leaves are showering yards, and homeowners dread the hours to come […]

Teenager Invasion

By Joe Rector A teenager invaded our house for the last few days. Grandson Madden was unceremoniously dumped here while his parents took a trip to Asheville. Having a 13-year-old boy in the house sure brought back plenty of memories, some that might later in the week cause me to wake up screaming from a […]

A tyrant in our house

By Joe Rector Amy and I were strict parents, I much more so than she because my hateful voice matched my sore disposition. I didn’t say we were abusive; however, our children weren’t strangers to spankings. Our children did not run the household; that was Amy’s job, and I never wanted to take it from […]

Spring Flowers, Summer Sun and DST

By Joe Rector Dark always crept up on us, especially when the winner of an intense game of football was being decided in the lower lot of our yard. One by one, the boys in the neighborhood set out for home. Some traveled with a slow pace brought on by hard tackles and a […]

Houses should be homes

  By Joe Rector My brothers and I rode on the dirt road cut for the new subdivision. Daddy had given the developer twenty-five feet so that he could build the road. We always came home in the evening dusty and dirty from the dirt storms we kicked up with sliding bike tires. That was […]

Sweet revenge

By Joe Rector Summer nearly burned us up a couple of weeks ago, but the rain arrived in the nick of time. The weather forecast for the coming week lets us know that summer isn’t finished with us yet. August brings the beginning of school, and children wear new clothes and trudge down hallways with […]

The first year away from home

By Joe Rector Caden Rector, like many young people, left for college the other day. He’s attending Western Carolina, where he signed to play baseball. Although he’s Jim’s grandson, the boy was on my mind, so I sent him a text message, wished him well, and told him to enjoy his college years. I suppose […]