Driving Rules Review

By Joe Rector My job as a shuttler for Avis Budget has placed me in the midst of some of the heaviest traffic and worst drivers in the area. I don’t claim to be the best operator of a motor vehicle, but at least I have some concept of the rules of the road. With […]

I Wonder Why

By Joe Rector I drove with fellow workers from a run to Atlanta to drop off cars and then hopped into a van for the return trip. We gabbed about a variety of topics, but then someone uttered that famous line, “I wonder why…” That set me to mulling over some of the things about […]

New Year, New Outlook

By Joe Rector It’s time to reflect upon the 2014. I do that instead of making resolutions, which, in my case, are nothing more than a list of good intentions that rarely are fulfilled. Instead, I reflect upon the past year and try to figure out what I’ve learned. For the last 365 days, the […]

Singing in Christmas

By Joe Rector It’s that time of year again when folks are spread too thin. So many events pull at them—school programs, shopping, get-togethers, and parties. For many, Christmas pageants or performances by children are staples for a complete holiday season. I remember a long time ago when Jim and I were involved those productions. […]

O Christmas Tree!

By Joe Rector The other evening, Amy sent me to her car to lug in the new Christmas tree for our home. The one we have now is so large that it takes two tree bags to store, and the darn thing weighs a ton, too much for me to wrestle in and out of […]

Changing Perspective

By Joe Rector Over the last year, I’ve gone through some changes in life. No, all haven’t been welcome, but each has caused me to take a look at things in a different light. Overall, I suppose the new things have been for the best. Amy lost her job last year at the end of […]

The Old Places Are Gone

By Joe Rector We Baby Boomers continue to age, some of us gracefully, some of us kicking and screaming. Either way, the years click by, and most of us at some point reminisce about “better” times. Part of that recalling includes ruing the fact that some of our favorite old haunts are no longer around. […]

Finding Food Funds in Ft. Lauderdale

By Joe Rector Yes, like so many others, I’m going to jump on Fort Lauderdale, as well as other cities, that have passed ordinances that forbid the feeding of homeless folks. The fact that I have to even address such a subject is a sad commentary on the world as it exists today. First of […]

Roll Around Heaven All Day

By Joe Rector Last Sunday, our church celebrated All Saints Day. It’s a time to remember those who have passed over the last year. The minister did a good job of talking about those individuals, and he suggested that we all are saints in the making. I don’t necessarily agree that I’m a saint, and […]

The Axe Man and Jewel Tea

By Joe Rector Weekends at our house in the 1960’s took on a routine that included work, play, and family. Back then, our parents managed life on a small income and herded three boys along the way. We had jobs to complete, church to attend, and Sunday dinners to enjoy. On Saturday, we boys were […]

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