Are we patriotic enough?

  By Joe Rector Well, evidently, the more things change, the more they stay the same is a true statement. Our world seems to take one step forward and two steps backward. The US is having a bit of trouble gaining its footing in so many areas. Sometimes I wonder if we can survive the […]

Official old age membership

By Joe Rector I’m officially declaring my entrance into the old age population. Yes, some of you will say my membership started several years ago, but only now am I willing to accept the fact. People now treat me like an old guy. They hold the door for me at stores. That’s something I’ve always […]

Old pictures spark vivid memories

By Joe Rector Over the weekend, my nephew and his wife came to the house to spend some time and catch up. Steve is 65, and yes, it’s more than a bit unusual to have a nephew just a few years younger than I am. I looked through the old pictures that my parents had […]

Pulling into the Driveway at Home

By Joe Rector Most folks turn giddy when they are heading out for a vacation.  To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of them. I enjoyed them once we arrived, but something always seemed to happen to make those trips less than fun. Our family took only one vacation trip. Daddy drove us to […]

‘Batter up’ in Knoxville

By Joe Rector Amy and I attended a ballgame at Smoky Stadium this past weekend, thanks to Janet Anderson inviting us. It’d been a couple of years since we traveled to see the team play, and I was surprised to see some of the changes to the field and the amenities. It’s not much like […]

Part of my mission is complete

By Joe Rector Some subjects for each writer haunt them. One might be an outline for a novel; another might be a character who shines in a short story; still, another might be just the right rhythm for a poem. We who try to put words on paper to entertain or explain or provoke hang […]

Salute and Thanks to Two Old Band Directors

By Joe Rector I received an invitation to the event but wasn’t sure whether or not to attend. It was a retirement get together for Ron Rogers and Steve Taylor, two former band directors in Knox County and other places. My brother Jim convinced me to go, and I’m glad he was so insistent. Ron […]

Entertaining the grandkids

By Joe Rector Our grandson Madden came for his annual summer visit. For two folks who haven’t had children in the house for a few years, keeping up with a young’un is sometimes difficult. For the most part, however, I think the boy has had a good time, and I know his grandparents have as […]

Sleep through all this grumbling

By Joe Rector Just like most elders of any time period, I’m having trouble with some of the crazy ideas that folks have created. To be more specific, I’m lost as a last year’s Easter egg when it comes to being “woke.” Perhaps my failure to understand is due to my age. Maybe I just […]

Porch Light

  By Joe Rector Today’s youth have missed out on so many good things that we old people enjoyed. Don’t tell me how much better life is now because I realize how fortunate we are to have all the technology that supposedly makes things easier. How could we ever survive without refrigerators that remind us […]