Feeling Old, Thinking Young

By Joe Rector This past week I celebrated another birthday with my twin brother. Without stating how old I am, let’s just say that if the coronavirus cooperates, my high school class will celebrate its graduation from 50 years ago. I’m not ashamed of my age, but I don’t want to be one of those […]

What are we willing to give up?

By Joe Rector The country is slowly beginning to open. I’m not so sure doing so is safe, but pressure from folks who own businesses and others who are just tired of being stuck at home are behind the move. I do understand that people want to go back to work, they want to return […]

Only thing we can’t catch is a break

By Joe Rector How’s it going? Are you at wit’s end? Have you had enough family time? Is teaching your children going well? I know the answer to most of these questions but thought I’d spark emotions just a bit. I saw an article the other day that talked about us Baby Boomers. It said […]

Young and stupid

By Joe Rector As soon as Joe South began singing “Games People Play” on my Sirius radio, I flashed back to 1969-1970. I was driving home in the snow after a work shift at Burger King. I hit the top of Andes Road and prayed my old ‘54 Chevy wouldn’t slide in the ditch. That […]

Mommy to Mother

By Joe Rector I admit that I’m in awe of those females with children. I am always amazed to think that they carry new lives for nine months and then go through the pain to deliver those lives into the world. Many go through the process again, even knowing what lies ahead. Maybe that’s why […]

Not a gentleman farmer

By Joe Rector Since people have been stuck at home during this pandemic, they’ve increased the number of photos of their garden plants. Everything from iris to dandelions to tomato plants have appeared on Facebook. A new group of “gentlemen” and “gentlewoman” farmers has arisen. Don’t count on me to be one of them. I […]

Easter and birthday celebrations missed

  By Joe Rector I hoped that things would have been better by now, all the while knowing they wouldn’t. That’s all right as long as this staying home is working to end this pandemic. I admit that I’ve made a few trips to the grocery store and home improvement places, but other than that, […]

Plenty of Free Time

By Joe Rector Soooo, what are you spending your time on these days? Most of us have plenty of it; in fact, some folks declare that they have too much time on their hands. I’ve learned to deal with my idle hours with several different ways, and thus far, I’m not suffering with boredom. My […]

A little down time

By Joe Rector How are you holding up? That’s a question many folks are asking others. This stay-at-home lifestyle is negatively affecting plenty of people. The “belly-aching” is deafening, but I understand those who are miserable. Some of us, however, are doing all right with the situation. Families who are suffering during this shutdown are […]

Tossing the Past

By Joe Rector I figure many folks are like me; they’ve made it through the first week of “social distancing” and stayed at home. It feels much like those times when snow dumped several inches on us in East Tennessee except the roads are clear and there’s no sledding or snowman building. Some people have […]