What Now?

By Joe Rector It’s been more than a week since the presidential election occurred, but we’re still waiting for one candidate to concede and another to begin the transition process. Some Americans are angry and deny the outcome of the election. They declare that President Trump lost because of voter fraud, even though Republican officials […]

The Falling Leaves

By Joe Rector Last fall, the leaves cooperated by falling from the trees early. A dry, hot summer and strong winds combined to wither leaves and disperse them into other yards and the field behind my house. I know that folks didn’t appreciate that, but my work was cut in half. This year’s outlook is […]

Small service businesses save the world

By Joe Rector Like many other homeowners, Amy and I aren’t taking a vacation this year. We’re dedicating that money to fixing things that are needed at our home and at the place we have in Gallatin. We’ve been lucky because in both cases, the work has been completed by local companies. A month or […]

Voting twice

By Joe Rector As of this writing, more than 40 million Americans have voted in the 2020 presidential election. Even with coronavirus cases hitting nearly 60,000 each day, folks are putting on their masks and heading to the polls. I tried to be safer this year by voting in a different way, but things didn’t […]

Read banned books

By Joe Rector Yes, I admit that my profession for 30 years was spent teaching English to high school students. During that time in the classroom, I enjoyed the students and especially stressed writing and grammar. My strengths were grounded in those areas. I also presented literature and found that the right kind of presentations […]

Keeping busy

  By Joe Rector Being confined can begin to affect anyone after a while. This COVID-19 is infecting millions, killing thousands, and depressing an entire country. Cases are again on the rise, and before long, we might be back where we were during the worst of times, and that means things will close down again. […]

Puppies and children

By Joe Rector Lately, I’ve put a great deal of thought into puppies and small children. I’m not sure if this mental activity is the result of my advancing age or if I’m returning to my past youth. Still, who doesn’t like…puppies? Unfortunately, I know plenty of folks who aren’t such fans of small humans. […]

The Sounds of Sports

By Joe Rector Sports made a return to our lives not long ago. A collective sigh could almost be heard echoing from coast to coast. We Americans love our teams and crave seeing them on screens or in stadiums or on courts. This year’s edition of sports is unusual and difficult for some to get […]

Ignore the scare tactics and vote

By Joe Rector Turn on the news and listen to all the upheaval about the November 3rd election. Neither party seems comfortable with the possible outcomes of the presidential or senate races. Who’d have ever thought that a presidential election could scare a nation so much? A two-party system has long been the backbone of […]

On the Road

By Joe Rector This past Wednesday was my wife’s birthday. She enjoyed the presents, but most of all, Amy wanted to take a trip some place. She calls it a chance to let her eyes see something new. The treks we begin don’t have to be long ones; she’s happy just driving someplace in the […]