That’s what the DVR is for

  By Joe Rector As stated on many occasions, I like to watch television. That doesn’t mean that I’ll sit down and watch any show that comes on. In fact, my list of favorite shows is limited. For instance, I’m amazed at the writing of episodes of “This Is Us,” but I can find not […]

Avoiding viruses

By Joe Rector Are you tired of hearing how terrible 2020 was with the appearance of COVID-19? I might agree with folks if we hadn’t already had 3.2 million cases and 573,000 deaths—so far. For those who have suffered through the disease or who have lost loved ones and friends, nothing can ever erase the […]

I’d like to own a drive-in restaurant

By Joe Rector Amy and I spent the last weekend in Hendersonville as we celebrated our daughter Lacey’s and son-in-law Nick’s April birthdays. For the first time in more than a year, we had the chance to hug them, as well as grandson Madden. It was a wonderful weekend. On the way home, I tuned […]

Surprised at our age

By Joe Rector I called an old friend not long ago to see how he was doing and if he and his wife had completed their vaccinations against this cursed virus that’s plagued us for over a year. He assured me that all is well and he would soon receive both shots and be in […]

Old movies foretell the future

By Joe Rector I am a movie fan. If I could, I’d go every week to see a new one. A “film,” as it’s called in the production world, is one of the few things that can keep me in my seat for longer than half an hour. What I like even better are old […]

Baseball Time

By Joe Rector I’m back in the baseball watching business again. Yes, just a few weeks ago I said that I was stepping away from sports for a while. However, that was before UT’s team began its season and put on several exciting exhibitions of grit, determination, and talent. Things also have changed since my […]

Renewed Energy

By Joe Rector Can you feel that new excitement? Are you being flooded with a new energy that’s lain dormant for many months? Is a new pep in your step noticeable to everyone? If you’re like me, all of these things are true because Daylight Savings Time arrived this past Sunday. I’ve always been a […]

A better plan

By Joe Rector In the past couple of months, vaccinations for Covid-19 have increased. At this point, a third of the country has received protection that will enable them to safely be around others. Most Americans are excited, but the process of getting vaccinated has been rather difficult. People have spent hours on computers to […]

Spinning world

By Joe Rector That Thursday night was a rough one. I got out of bed about 2:00 a.m. to do what we older guys have to do. Immediately, the room spun, and I pinballed down the hall to the bathroom. Once back in bed, I lay on one side, hugged a pillow, and prayed that […]

Covered in paint

By Joe Rector Give a retired man and his wife enough time at home, and the chores will start piling up. Mix in a bit of winter-time boredom for good measure, and a man might be excited to do something that otherwise would be a real pain. This past week, I spent hours with a […]