More points then fans and fans that make a point!

  “Take advantage of every minute, every second, every opportunity you have on this magic ride. You never know when it will end. You also never know if you will ever have this experience in your lifetime again.” Those are the words my good friend John Duncan 3rd, gave to me when I spoke to […]

Celebrity Environmentalist coming to Knoxville

  Exclusive,  celebrity environmentalist and  “CNN 2013 Top 10  Hero of the Year Chad Pregracke,” will be touring Knoxville in 2015. Source . For exact information on what the mission of  this tour will involve  click this link to see the press kit.   According to the website’s main sponsorship page, both TDOT and TVA are […]

Second Creek…a state of change.

What began as a conversation about how journalists live off press releases and have short attention spans, has become an epic project in how good journalism and good government interaction can make a difference. For the past week this reporter has embarked on a journey in an attempt to clean the polluted “Second Creek” waterway […]

UTK Not Amused By City Tax

By Dan Andrews On August 25, the Knox County Commission made the decision to repeal the county’s portion of the “amusement tax,” a tax that is applied only to ticket sales for University of Tennessee (UT) football and men’s and women’s basketball home games. The 5.0% tax on tickets sold to UT games at […]

Update: Mayor Rogero responds in detail to the Tennessee Valley Area being selected for the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP)

Exclusive…Mayor Rogero  responded today with an  in-depth statement provided exclusively to the Knoxville Focus  about  the Tennessee Valley Region being selected for the  Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP.) For more information on how this program directly effects the Knoxville region please visit this website —Statement from the Mayor Rogero—- Mayor Rogero’s reaction to […]

The perfect wedding!

                Pretty cool moment yesterday. I was making my rounds throughout the City County Building and found out that a wedding would take place at 4pm.  So I decided to swing by the office just to make sure that the wedding had a photographer (I volunteered to cover […]

Quick music review!

Just a quick music review… Really enjoying listing to the new country duo Jill and Julia. You can find info about them here. . To be honest, I haven’t commented on that many new artists lately because well I have not heard that many artists worth commenting on.  I think just the lyrics alone are […]