Publisher’s Positions

Populists Versus Elitists By Steve Hunley I can’t help myself, but I have been thoroughly amused by the uproar about the “side” agreement between the superintendent of schools and the Knox County Board of Education. The Focus was writing about this two and a half years ago. Mike McMillan was the only member of the […]

Trainor's Meltdown, Monday's School Board Meeting

By Steve Hunley Despite assurances by Superintendent Jim McIntyre and every member of the Knox County Board of Education that they are “listening,” they steamrollered teachers and others who felt it was inappropriate to extend McIntyre’s contract for yet another year.  Tennessee State law allows a Board of Education to extend a superintendent’s contract for […]

Publisher's Position: Can you hear me now?

  By Steve Hunley Teachers, parents and students turned out in force at the most recent meeting of the Knox County Board of Education. For months The Knoxville Focus has been telling readers about the ties between Superintendent James McIntyre, the do-nothing Chamber of Commerce and local news media outlets. Evidently, WBIR-TV news reporters had […]

Publisher’s Position: Teacher woes did not happen yesterday

By Steve Hunley Suddenly Knox County teachers are beginning to let the public know about the unreasonable constraints they have been laboring under for the last several years. Finally they have allowed their dismay and dissatisfaction to explode after literally suffering for years under almost impossible circumstances. It didn’t start just yesterday. The Legislature has […]

Publisher's Position: The business of politics

By Steve Hunley The Knoxville News Sentinel does nothing better than pontificate, telling us all what we ought to think. The Sentinel recently pontificated on the glorious news the Chamber of Commerce is banging away and steadily improving our local economy almost singlehandedly. Of course Patrick Birmingham, the publisher of the Knoxville News Sentinel, also […]

Publisher’s Position: No Real Results Or Whip Out Your Wallet… Again!

By Steve Hunley The Knoxville News-Sentinel has published yet again another of its predictable editorials, clamoring for the public to support our schools.  The Sentinel was right about one thing, probably by accident. Expectations from the public from Superintendent McIntyre and the school system should be high.  Knox County is currently over $1 billion in […]